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Where to repair & service your Porsche

Revised August 1, 2023

 f. Big Sky Imports - are no longer accepting Porsches h.

Zipps Auto Missoula - 300 West Main St Missoula, MT Phone 406-542-0355 Mike H: Large shop located in the center of the city, does a lot of repair and restoration work on all types of high end cars and antiques. Only does service work for one week each month, rest of the time is spent on major projects. Often have a backlog and it is difficult to get a quick service. They have done several jobs for me now from oil changes to getting my brake calipers rebuilt. They are not Porsche specialists but have worked on several models and are willing to research any issues. Will let you know when it is something they can't do. Very happy with their service.
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1. Porsche of Spokane 21702 E. George Gee Ave, Liberty Lake, WA   509-210-2010
Most of the Big Sky members are familiar with this "closest to us" dealership, maintenance and repair facility. If you don't find what you are looking for in Montana, it's a nice trip and opportunity to overnight in Spokane (check out the historic Davenport hotel) 

From oil changes to tire rotations to major repairs, the service experts at Porsche Spokane have the know-how to properly care for your Porsche. The dealership also hosts the Inland NW Region Cars N' Coffee once every month https://inwr.pca.org/social-2/

2. Google Search: This website lists several shops, including some that members commented on (below). https://www.pcarshops.com/porscheshops/montana It also lists the following. Bozeman area members have commented below

Billings Members:  Do you have any input on  Dana Motor Works Billings & European Performance Billings - or other Billings area Shops?


a. AutoWorks, Bozeman  Located 1/4 mile west of Four Corners at  28797 Norris Road Bozeman,  MT  406-586-3709   * [email protected]  * https://theautoworksinc.com/index.html

Chris Newman: "I am in Bozeman and do all my own maintenance on my Cayman S. I have used AutoWorks for a performance exhaust installation and was very happy with their service and pricing. " 

John Connelly: " I can vouch for AutoWorks here in Bozeman. They’ve worked on all 3 of my P cars over the last 5 years including maintenance, repairs, track prep/inspections and upgrades. It’s a family business and they do great work. We’re lucky to have them here. They are always busy, so I recommend making appointments early. "

b. Audi of Bozeman:  31908 Frontage Road Bozeman, MT  Service: 866-716-2522

Lon Schroeder, Helena  "I had a 4 wheel alignment done on my 996, spring 2021, at Audi of Bozeman. They did an excellent job. Would recommend." 

c. Rocky Mountain Sport Rides (Scott Mattison) rockymountainsportrides.com, Boyd, MT (near Red Lodge), 406-530-4180

Recommended by Dave Cooley.  Also Norbert Reis said "I had my car at Scott's last spring and he did some work on it and felt very confident in his work, experience and knowledge of air cooled 911s. Only downside is that he is 8 hours away".

d. Frederick Gear, Victor, MT, [email protected]

 Norbert said "Frederick Gear (Victor, MT) - I have not used him, but will probably take my car in to him in the spring to check out a couple things. I found a Linkedin page for him (https://www.linkedin.com/in/frederick-gear-08354a114) and he has quite a bit of Porsche experience (15 years at Porsche Birmingham) and he looks to be an air cooled specialist. "

Also recommended by Dave Cooley

e. Dave Cooley, Great Falls, [email protected]  Porsche rebuild & repair, especially older models.  Dave is a long-time Big Sky officer & was our Zone 14 Rep.  He's doing limited projects, but is a good place to start if you have questions.

f. Big Sky Imports - Mike Miller 406-549-1177  * 4041 Whippoorwill Drive Missoula, MT 59808 
Specializes in Porsche, Audi & VW service and repairs.

Mike Handleman: "I have used Big Sky Imports for an oil change last year and he did a fine job and is definitely knowledgeable. It is a one man shop and given his age and that he is by himself, he won't take on any major jobs. Since my 16 year old car is approaching 100K miles (plus 100+ track days)" 

g. Import Palace 406-543-6396  * 1358 W Broadway St, Missoula, MT   [email protected]
Mike H. said: I believe they work primarily on older P cars

h. Zip Auto Missoula -  300 West Main St Missoula, MT    Phone: 406-542-0355
MIke H: "A large operation that works on many different high end and antique cars I plan on having the next oil change done at Zips to get a feeling for them. "

i. Celtic Motors (Kalispell)  111 Bernard Rd, Kalispell, MT  Phone: (406) 755-2358
Celtic Motors is a Full-Service Repair Facility, specializing in European Auto Repair. Whether it's Factory-Recommended Mileage-Based Services to Engine Overhauls, we've got the tools and the experience.

Norbert: -"I had an oil change done this past fall before I put the 911 away for the winter and feel comfortable with them. They also worked on my Cayenne in 2017 and 2018. The only problem with Celtic is they are very busy and it takes a while to get on their schedule."

Toby Scott: "I have used Celtic Motors on Hwy 35 at Bernard Road since getting my 2004 911 4s Cabriolet in 2012. They have always done a great job on everything. They even were able to repair the damage done by a hack upholstery company that put on a new top and ruined the wiring and motors. The previous owner of Celtic was always conscientious about who to assign to any particular job as he knew each of his mechanics special area of expertise. Since John retired, one of the mechanics took over and they still provide excellent service but as Norbert said, they are booked up for weeks at times.

Joe Grabowski:  "I've had three oil changes with the Cayenne Diesel there. The first they neglected to change the crush washer. I found oil on the garage floor the next morning. To their credit when I took the car back the next day they apologized profusely and took care of me right away. For the second oil change, no problems. Third oil change, no crush washer replacement again. Same result as the first oil change. In each instance the owner took care of me directly. Recommendation on oil changes there is to specify a crush washer. I'll give them another shot. They do have good customer service. "

j. German Auto Services  (Columbia Falls)  54 Western Village Ln, Columbia Falls  (406) 260-4400 [email protected].  https://www.facebook.com/autohausmontana
Formerly Auto Haus, changed name in 2022.  Services BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi & VW.

Randy Cheney will stop by & check it out.

k. Ron's Alignment and Auto Worx  1257 N Meridian Rd Kalispell, MT   Phone: (406) 752-7290 [email protected]   https://www.ronsalignment.com

Toby Scott:  "For my exhaust system they sent me to . They installed new catalytic converters and the car was better for it."

l. Dent Magic, Kalispell. 406-755-4112 Ryan Motley.  

Randy: "Over the years, Dent Magic has repaired our Porsches after 3 different accidents (1 minor & other 2 fairly significant). They are very professional and do excellent work. We highly recommend."

Toby: I also had a body repair at Dent Magic replacing the front end and I happened to be going to Gee Porsche the next day. Gee checked it out and said all repairs were performed perfectly. "


Sept. 2022:  John Connelly, Chicane Racing

Introducing: John Connelly, Founder Chicane Racing LLC
 250 Valley High Drive, Bozeman, MT 59718   Phone: 406.570.5886
[email protected]    Website:  www.chicaneracing.com

"Hi Jeanette, I don’t think we’ve ever met, and I haven’t been very active with the Club here but I’m a died and true Porsche owner. I have a GT4 track car and a GT3rs that I run at UMC most every event, including PCA and NASA, and occasionally at High Plains.

On another note, I’ve started a new racing/driving shoe company based here in Bozeman, Chicane Racing in partnership with Michelin. It’s been two years in the making due to Covid, supply chain issues and the time it takes to get SFI and FIA homologation.

We just did a soft launch for the brand two weeks ago. We’re doing a 20% off early buy special offer with the IRPCA who we know well from all the time we spend at the track in Utah. I don’t know if you’d be interested in something like that this spring. We’re all P car racers and track drivers and have many decades of footwear experience.

Check out our website and Instagram page and let me know if you think Big Sky members might be interested.  Best/John John Connelly, Founder Chicane Racing LLC "

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